Freitag, 20. Juli 2007

Wanderlust 2 . . .

If you copy these pictures, the copyright-infringement monster will put slugs in your slippers.


Sara with NO H hat gesagt…

Srange as it may seem, out of all your photos in this post, my favorite is the tombstone. I've always been fascinated by cemeteries and the images that come from them. I've just never been able to make myself go in, just to take

Sara with NO H hat gesagt…


fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store hat gesagt…

Let's get some garlic and go together ;)
Seriously though, I was attending when various family members died and have almost kicked the bucket myself a few times, so death doesn't seem scary to me. I find cemeteries to be rather interesting even, as the inscriptions on and the designs of the tombstones tell you a lot about how families / friends want their late loved ones to be remembered. (A professor of mine used to say that there was no more dishonest literature category than obituaries ;).)
As for this particular tombstone that I found on a remote graveyard near Reculver, there's a bit of an anecdote to it: my friend Julia (that I was sharing a place with in Britain) and I went to a day's trip to the coast. I'd been taking pictures all afternoon; the sun was setting as we were driving by that graveyard with its spooky little chapel built out of flintstones. I asked Julia to stop so I could take a few pictures as the atmosphere was simply thrillingly gloomy, the sky was turning from a bright sunny afternoon-blue into greyish dusk. We got out of the car and strolled around the graveyard, taking closer looks at tombstones and admiring the craftsmanship and the diligence to detail some masons of old had paid to their works. I started taking pictures of the chapel and a few select tombstones, and eventually I wanted to take a picture of this particular tombstone. For some reason the first few images my digital camera produced weren't what I wanted them to be, so I kept re-taking pictures and checking them on the backside screen of my camera. All of a sudden Julia exclaimed, "You're sinking in!", and really, the ground below my feet was moving downwards. Apparently I'd been standing above a casket and the rotten lid must have given way to me standing there for a while.
Suffice it to say, we left the graveyard in a hurry but still chuckling.

David_on_the_Lake hat gesagt…

ahh wanderlust is a work I know well...

I cant wait to retire and explore the world..and sample the earthworms of

Love ur pics..

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store hat gesagt…

David, I'll start marinating them for you - do you prefer BBQ or honey'n'mustard?

nuch a chosid hat gesagt…

beautiful pics, seems like u really have traveled places,
I wish i did.

Jack's Shack hat gesagt…

Nice pix.

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store hat gesagt…

Thanks Chosid, thanks Jack.

I travel a lot; it's fairly easy in Europe as an hour's or a two hours' ride will take you to a foreign country. Or you grab a special offer and take the night express train and spend a day in Paris - for less than $30. (Trains in Central Europe usually are fast, clean and safe.) The pictures from Britain were taken while I was living there. As for the pics from NYC, I go there a lot as I've got a boyfriend in Brooklyn.

Chosid, if you can't go on any big trips, smaller changes of settings can already work wonders when you're stressed. I enjoy strolling around Battery Park; it's never been crowded there when I was there. BTW, there's a glatt kosher café inside the Jewish Heritage Museum in Battery Park City; you need not buy a ticket to the museum to get there, and it has got a nice view of the harbour.

nuch a chosid hat gesagt…

i grew up in Brooklyn and have lived all my life in new york, but have never really been around.

sometimes chol hamoad we'd take the kids out, but tourist get to much more place,

I have been to Israel a few times, and to Europe but more on spiritual trips to kivrei tzadikim which i also enjoyed very much,

I have been to New Hampshire and Vermont many times, I love it there.

Other then that i didn't travel too much

nothing beets Europe, but with todays antisemitism everywhere, i may be scared to go too

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store hat gesagt…


Sadly enough, anti-Semitism is on the rise, both from the political right and the political left. At the same time, public alertedness to anti-Semitism has risen, too. If you stay away from certain spots, you should be safe, even in Chasidishe garb.

If you want to travel Europe, let me know, and I'll give you travel advice. There are many really nice places off the beaten tourist-paths that are worth visiting. I've got several frum friends in Brooklyn that love travelling Europe (also to shop for clothes).

What about putting up a post re: suggestions for day trips in the NY area? You might get some really interesting suggestions.