Freitag, 10. August 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my head . . .

. . . so I've decided to stay inside and to finally post a few fashion-/shopping links - for the ladies to enjoy and for the gentlemen to frown upon. (I'm not getting paid for these; the links just refer to stuff I like.)

Let's start with shoes, European brands to be exact. I'm not quite like the infamous Imelda, but I do own more than a hundred pairs of shoes, a rough 80% being high heels and another 10% medium heels. Apparently, I do enjoy shoe shopping, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Irregular Choice from Britain offers a wide range of seriously creative (and IMO sometimes even wacky) shoes. The quality's fantastic; the leather's buttery soft, the cut is comfortable. Those shoes are priced on the higher end of the scale though, particularly considering that many of the designs are not what you'd wear every day, but you may get lucky at outlet stores or on eBay / online outlets. My current summer favourite is a model called "Eclipse", which I purchased in the colour "nude" (a warm, peachy beige). BTW, I've just seen they've got a photography contest up at IC; the #1-winner will receive one pair of IC per month for a year. Get your cameras out, ladies!

Fly London Shoes are quality, funky shoes of more sturdy a style. If you like the 60's retro-chic, you'll enjoy the Fruit Tart, Level, and Quennie ranges.

Friis&Company is a Danish brand, that is best known for its handbags featuring the fleur-de-lys and a large crown emblem set with lots of quality rhinestones. F&C also produces handbags of other designs (I think I've bought some two dozen of them by now), that are always stylish, "different", but don't lack elegance. This posting is about shoes though, so, F&C also offers extremely nice shoes (the kind that makes you mumble "must-have-these-shoes" during your dreams after having seen them at a store). The quality of the shoes is high, so is the RRP (trust me, you wouldn't want your hubby / bf / mother etc. to see the receipt), but at least the heels come with extra heel-tips. They've got a separate range of men's shoes and accessories, too.

Another of my favourite brands is Bronx Shoes from the Netherlands. The styles are catchy, and you often see knock-offs by other (even pricy) brands the following year. They styles vary from chunky to elegant. The leather feels good, and even 4.5" heels are comfortable to walk in. Out of the current summer collection, I got a pair named "Beau", the colour is "shell" (off-white). They've also got a contest for a free pair of shoes; all you need to do is to tell them what shoe you like best and for what reason (the contest is open to anybody). There's an extra website for the US. My autumn favs include Florry, and Josie. (Yes, I love heeled boots.)

More to be added later . . .

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