Sonntag, 9. September 2007


Various media report that the Lubavitcher rabbi Zalman Gurevitch of Frankfurt, Germany was stabbed on Friday night. He had to undergo surgery and is in IC, but his chances of recovery are good. The offenders were described as two Southern / Arabic / Moroccan looking youths. Police is investigating.
I'd like to wish Rabbi Gurevitch a speedy recovery.
Since I'm located in Germany, I will send a get-well card via snail mail. Anybody who wants to send their get-well wishes as well may email me at dibbuk [at] web [dot] de or put something up on their blog, and I'll print everything off and put it into one large envelope. This is a way of showing you care for Western values, regardless of what your faith might be.


David_on_the_Lake hat gesagt…

Have a Sweet New year...

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store hat gesagt…

Thanks, David, same to you.
If you left New Year's wishes on each of your commentors' blogs, you must have been pretty busy for a while.