Sonntag, 16. September 2007

Viasoi Choisek iz farloirn gevorn

For Miriam to practise a little ;)
Choisek iz geven tsertrogn, nit gevust af voser velt er is. as er flegt ufstein inderfri, hot er keinmol nit gevust, vu zaine kleider lign, azoi as er hot poshet moire gehat zich oistsuton! hot men im an eitse gegebn: nem a blaier un farshraib af a tsetele: maine hoisn - afn shtul; maine shich - tsufusns bam bet, af der erd; main hitl - afn tish. un ich alein - lig in bet.
hot Choisek azoi geton.
inderfri derhert a shochn, az Choisek veint. hot der schochn ba im gefregt: vos veinstu?
macht Choisek: ich hob geton vi me hot mir gezogt. ich kuk in tsetele un ich ze: als iz do. ober dos bet alein is leidik. vu she bin ich? ich hob gezucht, gezucht un hob alein nit gekont gefinen.


Miriam hat gesagt…

oh wow. okay. just give me some time...

Miriam hat gesagt…

what I know so far (w/help from hubby and no book as of yet)

iz =is
gefregt=to ask

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store hat gesagt…

Wow, I'm proud of you. You're really determined. If you want to use dictionaries, bear in mind that the transcription of Yiddish into Latin characters aims to be phonetic, so a source from a German background will spell the same word differently than a source from an English background, e.g. z = ts, s = z etc. so try a variety of spellings.

Notsofrummie hat gesagt…

is there an english versoin of your blog or translator. So i take it according to miriam, that your post was about a world with pants on the table alone and a person asking.

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store hat gesagt…

There are online dictionaries; the problem is though, as I mentioned before, that the transciptions don't abide by regular spelling patterns, so one has to play around a bit. I should put a few links up later.