Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007

Lurkers anybody?

Hee, as I'm just waiting for time to pass till it's 10:30pm and I can take my cold meds before going to bed (not craving pity - yet), I checked how many times my profile had been viewed by now - the figure's somewhere over 800 now. I cannot tell whether that's a lot or not, but I can tell it's a lot more than people that have actually commented on here. So either my posts are really boring, or people would rather comment if they were able to do so anonymously.

The reason why I've disabled anonymous comments simply is that I've seen how some anonymous commentors have behaved on other blogs. Sorry, I won't bother with that. Don't say something online you wouldn't tell a person face-to-face.

The reason why I'm not putting a picture online is that I've seen people copy pictures of people and use them on other sites. (My sis only just yesterday found her picture from her homepage posted on the start page of a social networking site - they ascribed her a wrong last name though. One cannot confuse a punim like hers...) If you don't want your own picture on a profile, don't upload a picture. Anybody who'd like to see a picture of me may contact me on here or at dibbuk[at]web[dot]de.


AidelKnaidel hat gesagt…

I agree with the anonymous comments. People are only afraid to sign their names to things.

I too do not post my picture online. First off, that would completely take away the anonymity of my blog. Second, its just creepy. You never know who will see it... and there really are strange and scary people online.

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store hat gesagt…

Hi and welcome, aidelknaidel,

I'm not part of the frum community, so I'm not too concerned that people might see me online, but I've got a lot of frum friends over there in NY, and I don't want anybody to go around and spread my picture among people I don't know. As they say, "Let sleeping dogs lie". Anybody who knows me in person will be able to determine that it's me from what I've written in the posts and comments as well as from my holiday pictures.

yingerman hat gesagt…

Wait a minute, dont you wanna be anonymous?

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store hat gesagt…

Yingerman, not quite; I don't care to be anonymous, but I don't want people to use my picture or try to get friends of mine into trouble. Such things have happened before.

Jacob Da Jew hat gesagt…

"So either my posts are really boring, or people would rather comment if they were able to do so anonymously."

Well, you blog alot about yiddish, which some of us have no interest in.

Maybe if you visit some blogs that deal with yiddish as well, you'll get more comments.

I have posted my pic but not my full name as I don't want to be googled for work purposes.

Usually, the anons behave, unless you bash someone or something.

If I were you, I would enable anon comments. Its not like you are cussing out people.

yingerman hat gesagt…

sometimes being an anon has benefits!

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store hat gesagt…

Jacob, I wonder though why those people check my profile then. Maybe I'm just not as curious about people as normal people are, but if a blog doesn't appeal to me, I don't check the profile either. I'm not begging for comments, it just struck me that my profile had been viewed more than 800 times.

Yingerman, I wouldn't be surprised if we had a few common friends ;)

David_on_the_Lake hat gesagt…

lurker number 8 here..

I like being anonymous. It offers more freedom..

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store hat gesagt…

David, I'm still waiting for an, if even only slightly, indecent post by you ;)

residency year sucks hat gesagt…

fciazgss, your posts are appreciated but sometimes they are to be enjoyed and not commented on. Also regarding the 800 views it is poss that they somehow got referred to your blog via google and don't even read it, I have sitemeter and usually a view of a second or less is a good sign they are 1)a super speed reader or
2) not reading the blog

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store hat gesagt…

rys, I was wondering, because, as far as I understand, a visitor needs to click on the "View my complete profile."-link for the profile-view counter to go up and if somebody searched for a keyword through Google, they'd directly get directed to the specific post. I occasionally check your blog for new posts as I enjoy your "brutal" frankness, but I only once took a look at your profile.

residency year sucks hat gesagt…

Well obviously you need to check my profile more often then :).I like your taste in music and I agree with above posts about enabling all comments, why censor a blog it only takes away the more raw emotional opinions.

Anonym hat gesagt…

nice post.
if I would post my picture, there would be WANTED! signs hanging in my hood. LOL.

Miriam hat gesagt…

hey. I hear you. I hope that troll backs off of JDJ.

Jacob Da Jew hat gesagt…

Did you get my email?

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store hat gesagt…

Jacob, not as of yesterday (when I last checked that account; it's not my primary email address).

rys, I can think of better places to vent my raw emotions :D

lakewoodshmuk, I can downright picture it ;)

miriam, seems Jacob resolved that issue somehow ;)

David hat gesagt…

I have everything online, my photo, my name, even my phone number and address. But I'm a pretty big guy. If someone wanted to attack me or something I would welcome the opportunity for, you know, sport.


fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store hat gesagt…

Hi David,

Welcome here :) How did you happen upon this blog?

rebecca hat gesagt…

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