Mittwoch, 21. November 2007

What? You didn't know that?

There are more cars than people in L.A.

When it gets cold, bees gather in their beehive and start to shiver collectively, thus heating up the beehive.

By a tradition dating from the 12th century AD, white swans in Britain are property of the Royal Family.

Mandarin is the mother tongue of 878 million people.

Karl Marx disapproved of Friedrich Engel's mistress as he considered her too common.

Humans move 43 muscles when they frown, but only 17 muscles when they smile.

Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore were roommates during their first year at Harvard.

Only one in 20 children gets born on its due-date predicted by doctors.

Flies take off backwards.

Turkeys often stare into the sky during heavy rains – and drown.

Melbourne has the third-largest Greek population, ranking below Athens and Thessaloniki.

Male prostitutes in Ancient Rome would scratch their heads with their middle fingers to signalize their business.

Male camels – once hooked up – tend to jealously defend their 'relationships' for years.

The whistling language of the indigenous people of Las Gomeras could travel an acoustic distance of about five miles.

On the island of Korfu, more than 50 percent of all men are called 'Spiro'.

There's a breed of dogs on the Congo River that cannot bark; it yodels instead and cleans itself like a cat.

Goldfish can get seasick.

Oral consumption of heroin can lead to constipation.

There are more creatures living on the surface of an average human's skin than there are humans living on earth.

Snails kiss before mating.

There's a kind of worm residing under the eyelids of hippos and feeding on the hippos' tears.

99 percent of all creatures that have ever inhabited Earth are extinct.

Every human's got a unique tongue print.

King Louis XIV. bathed three times in his life.

Giraffes show their affection by rubbing their necks against each other.

Croissants originally aren't from France, but from Austria. (The ever food-loving Marie Antoinette took those pastries to France with her when she got married.)

Penguins can jump up to two metres into the air.

Male monkeys can bald just like men.

On average, every human contains two molecules of Julius Cesar's final breath.

Yukatan is called 'Yukatan' as that is the way natives there answered Europeans when asked for the name of their place. “What's your country called?” - “I can't understand you.”


Jacob Da Jew hat gesagt…

Male prostitutes in Ancient Rome would scratch their heads with their middle fingers to signalize their business.

Really! Wow, I really really needed to know that (scratched head with...)

LakewoodShmuck hat gesagt…

thanks for all that vichtigge info.

Miriam hat gesagt…

Eeew re: hippos!

Care for a game of tag? Please see my blog for details. Thanks.

Jack's Shack hat gesagt…

LA & Cars- A match made in heaven.

come running hat gesagt…

DB was born on his due date

rebecca hat gesagt…

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