Donnerstag, 30. August 2007

Souvenirs, gifts, and other atrocities

My parents returned from their holiday. My siblings were brought the usual souvenirs (books, clothes, sweets etc.). For some reason I've received the following:
  • three badges saying (I'll keep the spelling and the punctuation as they are on there): a) god, you're ugly, b) IF I THROW A STICK WILL YOU LEAVE?, c) JESUS loves you EVERYONE ELSE THINKS YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE!;
  • five pairs of socks; two of them black donning skulls and crossbones, three of them fuzzy and blue (and somewhat creepy; I'm not quite convinced that those socks don't attack people in their sleep);
  • a mock bandana-style hairband (I've never worn a hairband to begin with) in black with skull and crossbones;
  • a metal pencil case and matching biro in skull and crossbones-design;
  • a nailfile on a keyring.

Should that make me think? In a way I feel I'd rather not been brought anything than the above. I suppose I'll start packing up a box of "beautiful" gifts; from memory, it'll contain that set of still unused make-up brushes (I use compact powder and eye-shadow if any, no lipstick and no blush); that clay gurdian-angel figurine with that eerie smirk; all those hedgehog figurines (apparently somebody once determined I'd have to collect hedgehog figurines; I don't); all those fancy bath accessories like chunks of dried loofah cucumber, a terrycloth beanie duck, bath salts; weird socks of different styles (that I wouldn't want to be caught dead being seen in, and I'm already rather inclined to fancy clothing); a lime green and white anorak that's at least three sizes too large for me; flipflops, all of them; orange and yellow tablecloths (in sizes that fit none of my tables).

Has anybody else out there ever received a gift that blinded their mental eye?


frumhouse hat gesagt…

It's the thought that counts. I've received and probably given, some doozies!

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store hat gesagt…

Sometimes I do have to wonder though what the thought was ;)

Jacob Da Jew hat gesagt…

Sometimes my wife buys me some weird concoction for dessert or some funky ass tie.

"Why did u get me this, dear?"

"Oh, I know you like weird stuff."

"No, I just like interesting things, not this".

Maybe your parents think that you like crazy stuff, confusing that with a desire for interesting things.

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store hat gesagt…

My parents are strange to say the least.

I always put a lot of thought - and often work - into the gifts I give, e.g. after my best friend and I had returned from living in Britain for a longer period of time, I made a book for her following b'day filled with pictures, anecdotes, random memories etc. of our time there. She once told me she loves taking the book out of the shelf in those melancholic moments, and it always manages to make her smile.